Windows 8Hmmmm ….. I got a pre-installed Windows 8 Laptop some months back, and decided to go to the next level – Windows 8.1 upgrade.

So I decided to upgrade my poor #Windows8 to its highly hyped #Windows8.1 and surprisingly, all went well and something that looks like a posh ‘Start Button’ came back to its main place.

However, my Bluetooth connections became TOOTHLESS and DEAD. All the teeth in its mouth were visible, but it couldn’t bite or even chew any Bluetooth connection that requested its hand in marriage.

Formally my Windows 8 Bluetooth connection was like a male animal on heath. It grabs every possible female that dears to send a signal that it wants to mate with it. Its matchmaking and mating skills were so strong that it could sniff an intending wooing or a potential mating partner from afar.

After the Windows 8 upgrade to this fantastic ‘back-to-the-Start-Button’ technologically hyped upgrade; my eyes noticed that Windows 8.1 has taken away my laptop’s Bluetooth’s ability to engage its ‘manhood’ or ‘womanhood’ (depending on how actively aroused you mind is becoming)  in the mating of minds in its Bluetooth World.

Windows 8.1 Upgrade Fail

All the Windows 8.1 upgrade Bluetooth connection requests now sees is a feeble, non-erected, erectile dysfunctional, less action-packed erected Bluetooth connection which cannot even penetrate into a self-styled ready-to-mate, oiled and an aroused Bluetooth connection waiting for its call of nature to be answered.

I know that if Windows 8:1 upgraded Computers were to be humans, they would have sued Microsoft for taking away the compatibility factor that helps their Bluetooth erection.

Thus the Windows 8.1 upgrade has destabilized the ability of my Bluetooth connection to erect very well and mate with any and every available compatible Bluetooth connection request.

In order to seek for help before ‘kongi’ go scatter my Windows 8.1 laptop, I went back to my crying state and crawled the whole internet for any clues on how to restore my Windows 8.1 Bluetooth connection.

But as it is with most new and over hyped technology products, no one knows what bug or when the bug entered into the cloth or body of the Windows 8.1 upgrade code.

Please if you find any solution to this Windows 8.1 Bluetooth connection problems, kindly let me know, so I can get the erection of my laptop back to its active state.

All I hope and pray is that ‘Kongi’ no go kill my Windows 8.1 laptop.

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  1. If you have had any problems with Windows 8 Upgrade to Windows 8.1, please let me know.

    My Bluetooth Connection seems to have found another suitor!

  2. After the upgrade of my Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, the Bluetooth Connection Died.

    All I hope and pray is that 'Kongi' no go kill my Windows 8.1 laptop.

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