• What’s there in a Vodafone Cherry Point?
  • What do you do with Vodafone Cherry Points?
  • What is the use of the Vodafone Cherry Points?
  • Must I top-up to get a Vodafone Cherry Point?
  • Why do they give Vodafone Cherry Points?
  • Do I even need a Vodafone Cherry Point?
  • What is Vodafone Cherry Point all about?
  • Who gives you Vodafone Cherry Points?
  • How do I get Vodafone Cherry Points?
  • Must I get Vodafone Cherry Points?


I don’t think I have covered all the questions that you may or may not be having about Vodafone Cherry Points, and before you remind me of any more Vodafone Cherry Points questions, let’s delve deeper to know what the fuse is all about.

In the simplest term, a Vodafone Cherry Point is a “Point”. Well is that not the definition of what it is? Ok let’s try one more time.

You know when you hear of “the icing on the cake”, your mind goes to the lots of good things – it’s not just about the cake, but about something ‘presumably’ good, precious etc. that is about to be unveiled.

Well with that in mind, a Vodafone Cherry Point is simply the icing on the on top of your Vodafone top up credit. Each time you top up your Vodafone Pay-As-You-Go, Vodafone graciously puts “an icing” on your top up in the form of a “Vodafone Cherry Point”. These points are later converted into various goodies ranging from Vodafone top-up credit, top of the range mobile phone handsets, mobile phone accessories, Cherry Bundles, concert tickets and a donation to Vodafone World of Difference Charities, comprising of Care Local, St John Ambulance, Turn2Me and Arthritis Ireland.

Your Vodafone Cherry Points are cumulative, so the higher you top up your phone credit, the greater number of Vodafone Cherry Points you accumulate, and before you ask how, you will Pick up Vodafone Cherry Points with every top up, so that’s 1 Vodafone Cherry Point for every €1 top up.

Vodafone Cherry Points

So what’s the noise about cherry points?

On 30th January 2013, I received a text message from Vodafone Ireland. “…. You’ve picked up …. Cherry Points so far, 581 points will expire on 28th February 2013. Why not swap …. Point for €… credit.” I quickly logged into my Vodafone Ireland account to clarify and there I saw same notice.

Well, it’s time to swap some Vodafone Cherry Points for a new state of the art mobile phone handset, Top up credit or mobile phone accessories. Do not let the Vodafone Cherry Points expire. You earned it, swap it and gain.


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  1. Time is running fast. If you are a P-A-Y-G Vodafone customer and subscribed to the Vodafone Cherry Point, read that and act asap, or loose your cherry points after 28th Feb, 2013.

  2. Don't let your Vodafone Cherry points expire in your hands. Swap them now!
    Time is seriously running out!

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