There is one world, One family tree but many stories. Africans a challenge….

Not long ago our ancestors ruled the world!
Not long ago our ancestors conquered the world
The crude weapons and tools left behind formed the foundation of modern weapons.
The religions left behind are yet to be matched, doctored and utterly corrupted
Their own image of God is not modern image of God

When you do your DNA you can trace your root back to those ancestors.
What happened?
Why are other tribes that emerged from the same tree thriving?
Why are you in shamble, confused and unable to rise to dignity?

Over time Black is the image of evil
Black till today are still be discriminated against across the globe
Even in Africa the wise ones among them are not recognized.

Next time you see a racist
Tell the person there is only one world
As such there is only one history of the world.
Tell the person that we all emerged from the same womb
No race but one human race
Ask to be treated equal

The Black all over the world must wake up
Walk with their head raised
For what our ancestors achieved
Tell our brothers and sisters of other colour, that we are from the same tree

Nose may be flat or long
Ears may be long or short
Height may be long or short
One can be hairy or not
Face may be oblong or not
There is one world and one history of the world.

Time for the Black tribe to wake up
Conquer first themselves
They should reject all the repressive things written about them in all the books ever written be it religious or not…


Written by Dele Olawole. Founder/Coordinator at Nigerians United Against Corruption

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