Love making is one of the words or phrases that get the blood of many people heightened up so much that the anxiety they get propels some neurotic actions in their brain.

This Article is dedicated to all the Adults, so I will urge all people that are not yet adults or people that do not think like adults to please choose another article and read, so that the contents of this post will not bring about the excess pumping of bloods through your heart.

Often times when we hear about the phase ‘Love making’, our heart races faster than the fastest racing hounds, even faster than the Greyhounds. Our imaginative tendencies kick in and we could imagine all sorts of things.

When that word ‘Love Making’ surfaces, our minds starts to cook up all sorts of scenarios that will get our minds and body parts raised to a high temperature.

When the word ‘Love Making’ gets close to our ears, there is always a Secretion of wetness of something in the inside of us. This wetness could lead us to activating our imaginations.

These imaginations of Love making could be good ones or bad depending on the mood you are or you are driven to whenever you hear the phrase ‘love Making’.

That moment when the pictures in your mind are automatically drawn, opening a whole world of possibilities. Your imagination secretes a liquid content from your mind through the organs of your body down to the highest points of action internally or externally attached to your body.

The liquid secretion flows ceaselessly like mercury boxed in a tube flowing without inhibition the moment a temperature rise is noticed.

This flow, through the internally or externally attached tubes (like the tubed mercury), allows for the passage of the secretions, the only possible stoppage being a tiny cotton-like clothe panting round the sacred area.

If this great liquid is left unchecked, the liquid travels faster and deposits great fighters numbering more than a million at once. Swimmers and Fighters entangled in a War of slimes. A fight only won by one or two swimmers.

Naturally I would like to continue to wet your mind, but as you are already a Winner after fighting off all the other swimmers, I would stop here, but just manage to tell you this:

“The moment I thought of you – My readers, I conceived in my heart and mind a way of getting my pen to do the act of Love making on my paper and what you just read is the result of the Practicalities of Love Making as inked on my paper.”

Go have yourself a great day and remember that your mind can only be limited by the kind and types of imagination you feed to it.

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  2. Christiana says:

    Hmmm hmmm hmmm…Nicely written. Beautifully and poetically written.

  3. The flow of the Juice from the heart fills the body and makes all the quivering shock that a well motivated body needs to kickstart the mind and thus an imagination is born.

    The Practicalities of Passionate Love Making tends to take your mind to a drive, bring out not just emotions but that hmmmm and ummm and ahhh that is needed to pump blood from your head down to the dark places that hides all the curvatures in your self.

    Free your mind and make the best of the imaginations that have been deposited in you by your Creator!!

  4. Your mind can only be limited by the kind and types of imagination you feed to it.

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