The feelings of findings true love lies not only on the perception of the seer nor on the reception of the loved, but in the knowledge that love is more than just a feeling.
Love is more than just mere words that arouse feelings in the subconscious of a lover and the loved one.


They met in the loneliest of places. He expressed his likeness of her.
The sparks that shrewd in her eyes became the sparkle to make him stick around.
In the process of exchange of banter, few words were said.
Few words so deep in meaning that the heart became configured.

The sparks from her sparkling eyes caught his heart and started a fire.
The fire thereof was immense that his heart also caught the fire.
Their hearts melted and it flowed towards the same direction.
The flow of their hearts was so colourful that it melted nearby hearts.

Their likeness for each other grew until it flowered into love.
The love became nurtured and all carefulness given to keep it alive and going.
His likeness of her became the manure that helped developed their Love.
His likeness and dedication became the nourishment their Love needed to grow.

A Love that never dies, because it is deeply rooted in TRUE Love.
TRUE love that never looks backward seeking for distraction.
True love doesn’t count on the itchiness of feelings.
A love that surpasses feelings, because feelings are different from Love.

Feelings are temporary! They come and go like a mist, but True Love stays.
Feelings comes and bites its bit and enjoys the time, but True Love stays.
Feelings comes with insensitivity and a purpose, but True Love stays.
Feelings comes with insecurity and purpose, but True Love stays.

Finally it dawns on him that He truly loves her.
He is attracted to her happiness because she is a jewel in his eyes.
He wants her to always be happy and know that she is loved.
He wants to make her happy, to be fulfilled and know she is loved.

He wants to make her “rapturable” at all times because he knows that there are more to love than that feeling of finding True Love.

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