The dazzle in your boring Eyes!

More boredom, more mystery!

The dazzle in your eyes cast a spell on my mind.
The spell of innocence splutters out of the window.
The window of opportunity open to a mind.
A mind that is made up, just to follow your aroma.

The aroma of your spell, stronger that the urges.
The urge of knowing you greater that the sun.
The shines and rays of the sun make no mistake at all.
The mistake of not knowing you made a life very miserable.

The misery of life no one can phantom.
Who can phantom the ways of the wind?
The wind smiling from side to side causing mayhem.
The mayhem on the land booming life flowers.

The flowers of the wild, ushers in the season.
The season of love sharing the sun and its rays.
The rays of the sun chases out the beauty.
The beauty of you brings out the thoughts of you.

The thoughts of you, gives off the taste of the dawn.
The dawn of a new day, a day to call you my own.
That day that must come, to make me the happiest of all.
That happiness that brings out the dazzle in your eyes.

~ © Loveday Anyim

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