In the dark corner of the road parked two minds.
Two minds glued in one by the parting of lips.
Lips so widely moistened, waiting anxiously for the grip
Gripping the bodies glued to each other.

Glued in one, then who will break the ice?
The ice of hiccups flying by and by, causing the heart to pound
By the pounding of the heart, the soul seeks for a measure
Measuring the cyclic clock of the innermost being

Being in Love is what matters to many, but
Many hearts gets skinned for trusting so much
Much trust though needed to win a heart
A heart that one desires only to oneself

The desires of the Heart none can accomplish except one
The one who loves without seeking for a return or favours
Favours of the heart so flavoured its sweet to forget
For getting you is the hardest thing to do.

A hardest thing that makes you feels like a ‘silly’ little 14 years old.
Old enough to know when and what the Heart needs.
The needs of that heart so compounded by many facts.
The fact that I can’t get the thoughts of you out of my mind

A mind that keeps roaming and wondering
Wondering when it will be able to see you again
Seeing you not because you are far away
But because you are so near, yet far from my touch

The thoughts of your touch so tingles my mind
My mind is made up to love you forever
Forever I pledge to love and cherish you
Cherish you even if you refuse to flourish

Flourishing like the flower planned by the riverside.
The riverside waters of which runs right through the roots
The roots of the trees helps make it stand
Standing in the midst of all and bearing some tasty fruits.

The taste of your lips still leaves touch of sweet melody
A melody so sweet the body quakes and seeks for more
Seeking for more of you to satisfy my taste
A taste that can only be satisfied by the darkness of the winter love.

~ © Loveday Anyim

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