Treasure Island

A good Treasure Island without a Road Map to its fantastic Location is as good as lost. The Sitemap is like the direction/directives pointing you to the direction of the treasures.

Every Website/Blog is supposed to Naturally have a sitemap to enable the Search Engine Bots or even Human Beings or Website/Blog visitors to easily navigate to the various pages, Articles or etc.

SiteMap for Google Blogger or BlogSpot Blogs.

If you have read the article on How to Add a Google Sitemap to your Blogger Blog, you would notice that the meaning of Sitemap was explained, and the various Search Engine bots that are called “good bots” were named. We also discovered that there are limitations to how many “fresh” contents that can be displayed by a blog which prompted the question below.

A Road Map

The question you might ask is: Is there a way to build up a Site Map for my Blog hosted by
The answer is YES, but with a little BUT:

For Blogs hosted by, there is a limited number of posts or pages to be displayed by the sitemap. This limitation of ONLY 26 Most recent blog posts (by Default), makes its likely impossible for your old contents to be indexed and remain fresh in the search engines.

Okay, let’s go and see How to Fix Blogger Sitemap Issues and also How to Generate a Full Sitemap for a Blogger Blog.

So read on and also remember to share your knowledge with others. It pays to comment on articles, to enable others learn from your wealth of knowledge.

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  1. LifeGemz says:

    Thanks Matty,
    I can remember going through a website and when I click a link, it took me to a “dead end”, and the funny thing was that there was no way to come back to the page I was on earlier on, except I click on the “Back” arrow.

    Site Maps provide a way to go back to the pages (that’s for humans), because you can actually click on the sitemap link and it will show you the pages, posts etc. available on that site.
    But for the search Engines and other Internet Bots, they only see the links and “crawl” the pages, so its more like an invisible link for the Bots 2 crawl through.

    Once you have the XML sitemap sorted on your site, you will notice some improvement after a while.

    All the best,


  2. Matty Tenny says:

    wow.. didnt know this before.. thanks alot. More please…..

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