Get your ‪#‎Yam lining up like soldiers because my mixed ‪#‎veg + ‪#‎Spinach + pan fried ‪#‎mushroom + minced/diced beef + fish etc. is on the way.

I saw this yam in the market and decided that it must go home with me. Then as I was about to pay for the yam, my eyes caught up with this nice looking mushroom, and I fell flatly in love with the mushroom. Looking beside me in the freezer section, I found me some bags of Mixed Veg and some spinach.

Below we will find out how best to make all these food to talk with and interact with each other and give us a product (which many call dish) that will be smooth and slick to enter into our mouth and make the downwards journey to our stomach and finally make our day bright and smooth.

Before we proceed, If you do not love to make love, don’t even try to read beyond this line, because I am an advocate of the saying that good food is like love making, get it right, you become a Lord, get it wrong, the toilet would be your best friend. So come with me and let’s see how to make this dish one of the best it should be.

Before you think of running away because of the above, now get your mind back to this Topic and enjoy the rest of the show. OR Are you afraid of the heat in the Kitchen?

Getting the Yam Prepared for the mushroom

Firstly let your mind run wild as you lay a well-covered yam bare on the table top. Gradually get your peeling instrument and get to work on removing the “clothes” of the yam to reveal a well preserved natural beautiful body. If it is not smooth, please don’t stop.

As a matter of fact, ravage the yam as you wish, but please handle the knife with care as you either cut in rounds or flatten. Have it in mind that you require heat to cook the yam and make it soft, so cut according to the timing and how hungry you are.

Making Love to your Mushroom

I love me the small white mushrooms, but when you meet the Flat Mushroom – the brownness of its sides gives a yummilicious effervescence of beauty and attraction. The flavours from the Mushroom is tempting….. Even if its just the mushroom, you can get to meet the beauty of the outer covers of the mushroom, and when you lay it upside down, your imagination runs wild.

Get the mushroom to lie down and wash very well, put on the knife and dice or carve as you wish. Get the frying pan ready to make melodious sounds as the mushroom hits the pan.

Add some seasoning cubes, powders and what have you, to start the sensational maundering and work-in some salt, pepper, butter or some well confirmed Virgin Olive Oil.

When you are done with the experimental mixture, get set to eat with your nostrils as the frying pan and fire does their best to humble the lovely mushroom. Note that the occasional turning helps to steer the mushroom in the right direction.

After the love story between the mushroom, the frying pan and the fire, you will get a luscious and moist-looking mushroom, dripping with all the oil of sweetness that can only be attributed to good food.

Can the Mixed Veg work with Mushroom?

Loads of times, when things are mixed it becomes a problem to un-mix them, but not with the bagged mixed veg. You are free to get your mixed veg from a selection in the store. Do not limit your imagination on the best bag to grab. So that’s self-explanatory, or do you want me to point you in the right direction?

Well, there is nothing too seZy with Mixed vegetables, so I am going to skip that bit, but the best way to get it to go with what we want is to blanch it a bit, add some salt and pepper and then wait for the Spinach to defrost and….

Note, you can either mixed the mixed veg with the Spinach or make it a standalone. In the standalone mode, add some spices and a bit of Olive oil and some seasoning to the mixture, pan fry for 2 minutes and all is set.

Spinach and Mushroom romp

I bet you have gotten to this point and idly waiting to know how the spinach will do its duty on the Mixed Veg and the mushroom. Well relax, as we are going to go on the journey together.

The long and short story is that you need to defrost the spinach and carefully place in your pot, add some mixed spices and throw in some pinch of salt, peppers, onions, garlic etc., and some seasoning cubes and allow it to sautéed. Turn as you go.

After some minutes, you will get this mix of greatness. And once you are done, it’s time to get everything ready and set the table.

Then relax and get your Yam to talk with the mushroom and mixed veg on your plate. You can top this up with any drink of your choice.

If after all these long epistle you still require a recipe, then Please go check out for whatever recipe you are looking for, and leave me alone to enjoy my yummilicious Sauteed Mushroom romp. Lool. Proudly ‪#‎Naija ‪#‎GoodFood

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