For every story about an employer who can’t find qualified applicants, there’s a counterbalancing tale about an employer with ridiculous hiring requirements” these are the Words of Professor Cappelli, of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Mr Cappelli, a professor of Management and Human Resources opines that Computer Software has almost replaced Real Human Recruiters in most Companies, adding that “applicants rarely talk to anyone, even by email, during the hiring process.”

Automated Hiring process is helping Companies save lots of money, but making it possible for “CV Floating” – a process by which applicants are “keywording” their Cvs and cover letters to enable them secure a passage through these automated HR Software Hiring processes.


Business Insights:

Every Business is set up for (or near-) profit making and maximizing their Organization’s Resources to stay afloat the Market or Business environment.

For Businesses to survive in this advanced Technological times, where almost every Business Mechanisms are being Automated, and the Drive for Cloud Computing / Cloud Hosting is the in-thing, Information Technology (IT) Security should be topmost on their Business Agenda.

Cloud computing and Web Technologies are gradually overtaking the Computing and Information Sector. These two areas are becoming major areas of job growth and many people are choosing these Courses in these sector to equip themselves with the necessary and required skills.

Many people who study these courses, acquire skills to enable them take up roles in such areas as Webmasters, Web Application Developers, or other Business Roles, where these roles require strong understanding of the fundamentals and possibilities of the use of Web Technology Applications.


Google G-Nigeria 2011 a Networking event for Nigerian Software Developers, Digital Marketers, Technology Entrepreneurs and Technology Marketing Professionals

For Software Developers, Digital Marketers, Technology Entrepreneurs and Technology Marketing Professionals, there’s a new dawn in the Nigerian Technology, Web and mobile World, Digital Marketing Business.

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