Windows 8Hmmmm ….. I got a pre-installed Windows 8 Laptop some months back, and decided to go to the next level – Windows 8.1 upgrade.

So I decided to upgrade my poor #Windows8 to its highly hyped #Windows8.1 and surprisingly, all went well and something that looks like a posh ‘Start Button’ came back to its main place.…


Is Facebook Dead?

Are Facebook Servers still alive?

These are some of the questions that people are asking on both Twitter and other social media sites.

Pandamonia has hit the internet, as the Reality Check has set in. This shows the extent that Facebook controls our lives.…

ICT Skill Shortage
ICT Skill shortage (confused?)

It has been reported that ONLY half of the European Labour Force have quality and sufficient Information Technology (IT) Skills. This shortage of relevant IT skills hampers many in their ability to find new jobs, change current Jobs or even start their own business.

These problems of eliminating skills and hiring Keyworded Skills are posing a grave danger to people with composite skills and experiences that seek employment.

Imagine a Researcher who works with one of the Companies employing these Human Resources Automated Software Hiring process decided to test if the complains he has been getting were true.