Bank Phishing Emails
Bank Phishing Emails

This morning as I opened my emails to see what the day holds for me, my attention was drawn to one of the emails that “quietly” tried to pass through my Inbox filters but landed into the basket meant for such unscrupulous emails or senders.

One of the great things that Technology has brought to us, is a way of reaching lots of audience utilising the Social Media Networks.
Facebook, Twitter, redit etc are examples of Social Media networks that freely help determinate information to a larger number of people withing the shortest possible time.…

Is your credit card “Verified by Visa”?

According to Visa Europe website, Verified by Visa protects the users’ card against any unauthorised transactions, giving an ultimate peace of mind while shopping or carrying out any financial transaction online.

Verified by Visa Sign Up

A card holder can sign up for the Verified by Visa in so many ways.…