Facebook Graph Search is a new Search Technology developed by Facebook Inc. to make searching on Facebook very easy for all users.

With Facebook Graph Search, a User can look up anything shared by his/her friends on Facebook, while your friends can also find anything that you’ve shared with them at any given time, but each person(s) Only sees unique results.…


What is this angry macabre dance about the Facebook Graph Search?

Over the last few days, there has been these new Facebook status updates making rounds on my friends, families and even my ‘assumed’ and ‘presumed’ enemy’s Facebook Timeline about the newly implemented and well-engineered Facebook Social Graph Search.…

After you must have have gone through these articles, you will have a better understanding on what a Sitemap is, How important Sitemap(s) are to a site or Blog and How to fix the limitations on generating Sitemap for Blogger Blogs. If you missed it, here is an opportunity to see them again.…
Assuming one morning that all the works you timelessly did and all the articles you took your time to create, conceptualize and crafty wrote disappeared from the blog-sphere.
You hit Google Search engine to try and search for the articles and you can’t see any. You start asking yourself: What did I do, who did I offend.
Treasure Island

A good Treasure Island without a Road Map to its fantastic Location is as good as lost. The Sitemap is like the direction/directives pointing you to the direction of the treasures.

Every Website/Blog is supposed to Naturally have a sitemap to enable the Search Engine Bots or even Human Beings or Website/Blog visitors to easily navigate to the various pages, Articles or etc.
A Website without a Sitemap is like a City Without a map
Every Man’s Dream

Every Blogger or Site owner’s dream is to have their weeks / months of works, articles etc indexed by Chief site indexer – Google, and other Search Engines like Bing Search Engine, Badu Search Engine, Yandex Search Engine, Alexa Search Engine, Majestic Search Engine, AdsBot [Google], Google Feedfetcher, Exabot, Google Adsense Bot, and other good bots out there.