Welcome to Loveday’s personal e-Portfolio. Here you would know a bit about me, before meeting me in person. Please take time to assimilate all you are about to read now.

Loveday, a young dynamic well-prepared individual, with a will to work and create a difference, very dedicated and enthusiastic towards work, enjoys learning new things and adaptive to new environment. A creative and energetic team player, likes to get things done, and loves to accept the challenges. He is a result-driven, achievement-oriented, self-starter, with the ability to assimilate large amounts of data and extract relevant information.

Loveday is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer, a Computer Analyst, and Information Technology Enthusiast, a Dreamer, whose aim is to dream and bring the Dreams to Life through his works. He is an Imagination Mover.

As an Information Technology enthusiast, he has a quick head to master and assimilate New Technologies, competent in the working knowledge of Computers, Languages, Tools and Software Testing Methodologies.

As an avid Blogger and Web Forum Developer, He has knee interest in Tech Blogs like Mashable, Smashing Magazine, TechCrunch, killerStartups etc

Ok, you can head straight to Loveday’s LinkedIn Page to view more about him or continue to know more.


Loveday is an avid Blogger. He has been developing Blogs using the Google Blogger and WordPress Blogging Platforms. He enjoys Blogging, as it’s a way of being close to his audience. He believes that once you can feel it, you can blog it.

Blogging is a lifestyle to Loveday, and he tries as much as possible to express himself through his articles.

Check out the following Blogs/websites developed by Loveday, and please do not hesitate to contribute in the comment sections. This is a way to show that you really visited the site.

Blogs on Blogger/BlogSpot Platform

Blogs on WordPress Platform

Lactemps Blog Lactronics
Vision Blog Bosita -Step Out & Make Money
Life Gems Blog Vision Hub


NGO Websites/Blogs

A way of giving back to the society is to provide Online Platforms for them to express themselves. This can be either through development of Blogs or main websites. One of Loveday’s goals is to help NGOs have a head start on the internet, and bring them closer to the Online Community.

Loveday has provided websites and Blogs for NGO. The following are few examples.

  • Blogs:  Bosita TV Talk Show
  • Web Forums:  All Web Forums Designed and Developed by Loveday are for NGOs.

Web Forums

Loveday believes that the best way to get an engaging User-content is to use Web Forums.

– He has put in a lot of Work to develop and manage many User Web Forums, which comprises of simple topics to very important issues concerning Life, Family, Religion, Careers, and Jobs etc.

– He has a grasping knowledge of the WordPress BBPress, PHPBB Forum Software, VBulletin Forum Software, SMF – Simple Machines Forum Software etc.


Feel free to browse through the collection of Web Forums that Loveday has developed over the years.

Before you go, Loveday would like you to know that he is also a Kitchen enthusiast. He loves to cook and have a dedicated YouTube channel for most of his Kitchen antics.

If Loveday could do ALL these just on his own, imagine what he would achieve when you employ or partner with him, . So what are you waiting for, give him a shout for an interview and lets see what will happen from there.

He is developing some skills on Ruby-on-Rails and other Programming “Lingo”, so I will advice you to grab him now before someone else does.


Ok, you have seen it all, now head straight to Loveday’s LinkedIn Page to view more about him.


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