I broke down my resolution this year into categories. Some I keep to myself and some I share with my FB friends, especially the ones concerning our interaction.

Facebook Friends

Nothing like having friends in a social environment. Research has shown keeping quality friends helps people live longer while keeping the wrong ones could mar one’s mood and one might age faster.

So in order to live longer and have a healthier life, it becomes necessary to de-friend time waster and energy sapper this year. I resolved to keep ONLY quality friends and I am sure you are one of them.

1. Sharing of personal challenge

Everyone is faced with challenges, I am ready to listen as we are all co-travellers but please go straight to the point, no curse, no swearing, be honest because I will find out if you lie and above all do not hype the challenge making it bigger than it is to win my sympathy.

2. Facebook New Friend Request

To my new friend, please introduce yourself especially if you are not a member of our organization Nigerians United Against Corruption International and our paths had not crossed in the past. Failure to do so might have you ejected immediately, I don’t want to keep just numbers but human beings that we can interact and advance our friendship to the benefit of the human community.

3. Facebook Chatting

  • When chatting with please be civil, demonstrate some level of proper home training, no shorthand, no fbing language even if you have to chat in Pidgin English.
  • Unless in an emergency – No more chat after 12.00 Midnight, I was going to set the time to 10.00 PM before but for my friends in the US they might just be getting home from work.
  • If it is important please leave inbox message I will respond as soon as possible.

4. Phone calls

Do not ask me to call you saying it is ‘Urgent’ only to call and saying you just wanted to say hello, I will say the first hello and that is it!

5. Facebook Wall Posting

  • I share with you some of my thoughts, they might not be perfect I know. They might be below your expectations, I am not claiming God. I am a learner. I expect you shed your light on the grey areas to make me learn as well and make the discussion more robust. In worse situation please ask questions.
  • No Insult – There is zero tolerance to insult on my Facebook wall, either me or other friends; fighting on my wall is like fighting in my house, I have the right to EJECT you. We must respect one another.

If carefully followed we will add days to my days, weeks to my weeks, months to my months and years to my years.

Happy New Year once again.


Written by Dele Olawole. Founder/Coordinator at Nigerians United Against Corruption

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