Luther is Back!! Yes every lover of the BBC1 program is so happy that Luther is Back. We can’t just wait to be entertained by the great quality of the Television series called Luther. The award-winning BBC One crime Series is back with a Bang!!!

Luther is Back with a Bang!! One fan has this to say: “Luther is amazing. Everything about the show is brilliant, exciting, and surprising.”

Another fans says that: ““Luther” is a brooding examination of a brilliant, intuitive detective whose life, both professional and private know no borders and they both threaten to break him as a human being. And having a sultry sociopath as a secret compatriot doesn’t hurt! First rate television!”

Hear another fan saying: “I don’t think BBC realized how amazing Luther would be. Its the most amazing and well acted series on tv. Hats off to Idris and the whole crew. Can’t wait for the new season

Luther: The story behind the great Television series!

“Still plagued by the death of his ex-wife, John Luther returns to work to face a surreal and nightmarish case of a masked murderer determined to enter into folklore. As the body count rises, Luther must use all his skills to stop the killer, at the same time trying to rescue an old acquaintance’s daughter from the dangerous world of prostitution.”

John Luther is played by the “hot” Idris Elba

For those across the Atlantic one fan has this to say: “For those who have BBC America it will premiere Tuesday Sept 3, 9pm. I found it on the BBC America website. I almost cried when Time Warner said they didn’t offer BBC One…

Don’t worry, we are going to be doing series of LIVE blogging about Luther, so continue checking our site for updates, or check the BBC website for their own coverage.

If you are on Twitter, please use the hashtag : #LUTHER

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  1. The Banker ✔ @OfficialBanker
    So then. Before sleep tonight:

    1. Check under bed.
    2. Check attic.
    3. Unplug liquidizer.

    #luther #IdrisElba #BCC1

  2. Janice says: "Ok so your guy is just murdered by a nutter in the attic… falls partially through ceiling and you run to attic stairs… HELLO GET OUT THE HOUSE STUPID WOMAN lol #Luther #IdrisElba

  3. Always listen to your Woman!!!! – Cat in the arctic!!!!! #Luther

  4. If it sounds like a cat, then its "Cats call" Its weird…. call the police fast! Do not do hard man!!!! #Luther

  5. Trust Luther, best way to get info from someone is to drive him to "near nuts" – shaking off the young man !!! – Ohh seems he is the Ex-husband of the murdered woman!!

  6. Anyone missing our Favourite psycho Alice on this show? My friend reckons She needs to come get her man! #Luther

  7. With the man coming out of the bed to commit some atrocities, would it make you to ALWAYS check under your bed every night? By the way, the killer MUST be found, and thats the work of #Luther!

  8. Lactronics says:

    Luther is back!
    BBC One should be proud of this programme!

  9. Description
    Idris Elba plays Detective Chief Inspector John Luther: obsessive, possessed, and consumed by the darkness of the crimes he has to solve.

    Plot outline
    Devastated by the brutal murder of his wife, John Luther returns to policing in a different world. His old unit has gone and he’s working in the newly created Serious and Serial unit. Headed by former police complaints officer Martin Schenk, it is Luther’s chance for a fresh start. But is it one he really wants?

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