Assuming one morning that all the works you timelessly did and all the articles you took your time to create, conceptualize and crafty wrote disappeared from the blog-sphere.
You hit Google Search engine to try and search for the articles and you can’t see any. You start asking yourself: What did I do, who did I offend. and to the “Traditionalists“, you start looking back to your Village to try to guess whoever is behind this, using the African remote control (African Juju or Voodoo as you may wish to refer  to it in the Western World).
Don’t worry the African/Indian/European/Asian/American Juju will not work here, the only Juju that is working against you is that your Blog or Website does not have a Sitemap. More especially, your Blog does not have a Sitemap that will lead the Search Engine bots or the “good Bots” as I love to call them to your page or blog.
Even if you do have one, it might be sleeping and not pushing out your most recent post to the search engines. Well relax, We have a fix for you. All you have to do is acquaint yourself with the following articles:
How to Add a Google Sitemap to your Blogger BlogSitemap for Google Blogger or BlogSpot Blogs , after which, you can go straight to the fix for Blogger Site Map issues as detailed below.

Solution to Fix Blogger Sitemap Issues.

Site Map, a solution to your Search Engine Problems
Fix a Sitemap – Fix a site

As there are problems in Technology, there are always ways to fix these problems. The following article will give you the much needed boost on How to Generate a Full Sitemap for a Blogger Blog.

Remember that knowledge is power, and knowledge is one of the gems you are endowed with a human begin. The more you share your knowledge with others, the more this gem is polished in your life, and the result would be that you’ll become improved and knowledgeable in these fields of study.

Why don’t you take a time and share your knowledge with our esteemed readers by adding a comment to this post. Don’t worry, negative comments won’t harm, as far as they are comments that will improve us all. Beware that What you sow is what you would reap, so sow good blog comments, and you’ll get thumbs up, back-links to your site and the greater etc.

Before you go, please use one more gem that you have been hiding – the simple laughter. Lol.

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  1. […] lets go straight to see these Limitation to Blogger Sitemap Generation, later we can check out How to Fix Blogger Sitemap Issues and How to Generate a Full Sitemap for a Blogger […]

  2. LifeGemz says:

    Yeah this is one of the problems that most Bloggers have, they work so tirelessly, but their works are not see on the search engines.
    A Sitemap helps very well in showing the Search Engine Bots where to go to, and how fresh and consistent your blog is.

    Try the tricks highlighted on the posts/articles, and you will have a better indexing.
    All the best.

  3. Matty Tenny says:

    definitely trying out this on my site. thanks for the tip….

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