A Website without a Sitemap is like a City Without a map
Every Man’s Dream

Every Blogger or Site owner’s dream is to have their weeks / months of works, articles etc indexed by Chief site indexer – Google, and other Search Engines like Bing Search Engine, Badu Search Engine, Yandex Search Engine, Alexa Search Engine, Majestic Search Engine, AdsBot [Google], Google Feedfetcher, Exabot, Google Adsense Bot, and other good bots out there.

What is a Sitemap (Site Map)?

In a layman’s terms, Sitemap is a structured summary of all the pages, categories, Articles etc on your website. Thus it would be more wise to say that the Sitemap or XML Site Map or Sitemap file is file that contains all the Directory of ALL the Web pages that are present on your Blog or Website.

This Sitemap (Site Map) leads the Search Engine Bots to discover and crawl your website or blog to index fresh contents – daily, weekly or according to your set frequency.

The question that arises now is Is there a way to build up a Site Map for my Blog hosted by Blogger.com? The answer to this naturally is YES. But there is a little BUT to it. This BUT is the limitation that comes with a default setting in Blogger.com blogs.

But as with everything about technology, there is always a Fix or a way-around every problem.

Now lets go straight to see these Limitation to Blogger Sitemap Generation, later we can check out How to Fix Blogger Sitemap Issues and How to Generate a Full Sitemap for a Blogger Blog.

Sitemap of the Gems in your Life

You know that Life is full of Gems, get the Sitemap or Site Map to your Gems today, so that people will be able to notice the fresh contents of your gems on a regular basis.

That said, the Gems of your life need to be constantly positioned in a way that people will see them and marvel. Police your Life Gems, and they will constantly shine.

Do not hide your talents, ask questions when you get confused, many people are ready and waiting to help. Join others to help also, but contributing to the increasing knowledge base of the Internet.

Start by simply commenting on this blog post. Once you set the ball rolling, others will follow and you will be surprised how this Gem of Good Comment will generate more follow up comments.

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  3. LifeGemz says:

    Thanks for your kind words.
    I hope this post helps you one way or the other.
    Please do not hesitate to contact if you are finding it hard to fix the Xml Sitemap issues.

    I wish you all the best.
    See you soon.


  4. Matty Tenny says:

    Thanks for this post, its an eye opener, I will take this and improve my sites going forward…. Kepp it up

    Matthias Oteniya

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