Have you ever read an article and go “hey, that’s a wrong title!“?

Have you ever visited a site to read a lovely article, only to notice that the title does not have anything to do with the body of the article?

Many of us hate it when you have a well written article and a bad carved heading or Article Title. It’s like cooking food with great aroma but when eaten, leaves a very sad/sour taste in the mouth due to the quality of service rendered.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are millions of great people like you who want great article contents and a great and very well carved out and outstanding Article title to go with it.

Now we are giving you the chance to change things around.

Competition Articles:

  1. Can I get a Free Bus Ride Please?
  2. The Practicalities of Passionate Love Making
  3. The Feelings of finding True Love
  4. Wetin Carry You come Abroad Sef?

Read ANY of these article and post Your proposed Article Title as a Comment with  using the Facebook Comment App  on the Article (As shown below) for your chance to win a €20 Online voucher.

This could be the chance you have been waiting for, to show off your interpretational abilities and skills. So come on, get your socks off and Get into gear.

Want to increase your chances of winning? Ok, get your friends to Like your comments {on Facebook} and the person with the highest LIKED comment will win an additional €20 Online Voucher.

Hurry, the gate of the Competition opens by 12am on Monday 2nd June, 2014 and stays open till 11:59pm on Monday 16th June, 2014.

If this post have been of any help to you, why don’t you share/ forward it to ALL your friends and save them the agony of not reading and missing such a competition.

  • Competition is open to All (Global)
  • All Participants Must be 18 years of age or over, and if you’re not, you must get parent’s/guardian’s permission.
  • NOTE: All Comments/entries MUST be through the Facebook Comment App on the Article.
  • All Entries must include the Hashtags: #Lactronics, #BeMore
  • Judges decision is FINAL!
  • Terms and Conditions Applies

Competition Open to IRELAND/UK/THE WORLD.
Competition Valid UNTIL 16TH JUNE, 2014

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