Eastenders Queen vicEastenders Tanya is set to leave Walford in tonight’s episode. This is set to put an end to her “destructive” relationship with Max. Its been seven (7) years since Max and Tanya first graced our screens on Eastenders!

Just when MAX needs her most, they are pulling her away. So this goes to teach that when there is CRISIS in your Home, Your “failed” relationship should go to bunkers!!!

For Max and his Family to remain strong and go through this situation in the Land of Eastenders, Max needs Tanya, if nothing else, to help Lauren come out of the self-destruct button she had set in motion.

One Eastenders fan has this to say: “Tanya and Max have been selfish. Not ever looking at how they have affected their kids over the years! It’s not real but it happens. Eastenders does a brilliant job addressing real issues.”

Eastenders, Branning Family and Stacey

When it comes to things about Family/Families, Eastenders has been on the forefront, projecting Real Family values, Family problems and every possible family feuds.

As Tanya leaves Walford, would it be time to bring back Stacey, at least this will make Jean so happy, and also bring in a big divide between Max and Kirsty!

All Eastenders fan are welcome to comment and show your feelings!!

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  1. Adeyinka Adebajo says:

    Analyst! Eastenders need to employ you to work with them ooooo. Well done commentator!!!

  2. As #Tanya leaves #Eastenders, won't it be very smart if the Crew at BBC EastEnders bring in Stacey to hot up the Square? At least this will make her mother so happy and proud. I heard her mention about Stacey the other day. We want to see Max happy at least for a while. #Eastenders

  3. A REAL Father will always be a REAL father (In the interest of peace and tranquility). Max Just displayed what many Men do not have. He just defended the fact that Tanya wants to run away with his children. "Yeah just a weekend away to rest"

  4. Tanya I am wiling to change… please give me the chance …. Max. How many men are even willing to be given a chance to change from their ways and be more family oriented. Why is Tanya pushing Max away? Max was there when Tanya went through the Cancer Treatment and he never let the divide between them become a problem. BBC EastEnders why don't you allow Tanya for once to stick to her family and work things out. That's what REAL Families do, and that't what #Eastenders Soap should be showing to the World.

  5. BBC EastEnders, I guess Tanya is seriously living in denial. She is madly in Love with #Max, but she can't bring herself to agree with that. #Eastenders

  6. As Tanya clears her cupboard to leave Walford, Stacey is polishing her shoes to re-enter Eastenders via Walford Train Station!

    The floor is set, as Max (as usual) would be turned between loosing his "precious" wife and his "mistress" and gaining Stacey, who he so Much love!

    hmmm Men and Babes ehh! Bring your tissue tonight, as its set to be crytographic!

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