Primary Health Care is where Nigeria has failed the most. The last Minister to seriously tackle this was Olikoye Ransome Kuti. Since then it has been moribund. Infant mortality rates are higher. Life expectancy the lowest in the region. Access to care at levels of less than 31%.

Secondary and Tertiary Health Care almost dead. India, Dubai and co has now become the destinations for medical tourism for ALL Nigerian Public and Private Sector workers.

Professor Adewole was not outstanding as a VC in University of Ibadan. Go there and see for yourself. But a man’s past might not be the definition for the future:

  • What are his plans to revitalise PHC?
  • What do we do to reduce deaths from childbirth?
  • How is his ministry going to contribute to life expectancy?
  • What is he doing to reduce opportunistic diseases from life styles?
  • What’s the plan to reduce infant mortality, the scourge of malaria and improve availability of vaccines?

Does anyone know? Has he shared it?

Health Care in Nigeria: ‪#‎Newconversations‬

Sola Salako has this to say

I just noticed today that there is a Health Facility Directional Sign campaign ongoing in Lagos. I don’t know if this is a State or Federal Government initiative but there are conspicuous directional signage all around primary health care facilities so citizens can locate them easily.

It’s a commendable step because many of us don’t know the closest health care facility to our homes or office. I for instance did not know there was a primary health care post at Alade Market in Ikeja until I saw the directional signage this morning.

This initiative should have a significant impact on access and thus might improve patronage. A laudable activation if you ask me. State or Federal Govt action or not, it is a small step in the right direction.”

Abimbola Rilwan Agboluaje also has this to say:

“The problem is our political culture doesn’t expect or reward policy plans, performance etc . Rather it rewards loyalty and conformity.

Where’s the incentive to be running up and down assembling policy team and tweaking policies and institutions ? It’s enough to represent your state and the nominating godfathers well. What performance is expected when the chief himself needlessly waited 5 months to appoint a cabinet?

Anyway I am suspicious of any Prof. or “Technocrat” who is “qualified”to get a big political appointment in today’s Nigeria.

What’s your view on this? lets start the ‪#‎Newconversations‬

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