At, we have come to realise that the Voice of the People is great, and gives the most sort-after “Common Sense” reasonings.

Thus the Parliament is set-up to help You – the Public to give reasons, answers and share in the plight and merriment of others. The parliament is open to everyone who has a “Common Sense” approach to answering questions and contributing to everyday household, family, friendship, relationship, love, political, analytical questions etc.

Have you see any topic you think you can contribute to? Go ahead, take the first bold steps and give your undiluted “common-sense” opinion today.

Do you have any topic(s)/story(ies) you want to be discussed, you are free to send the story to us by email (info [at] and we promise to publish them as soon as possible. (We promise to maintain your 100% anonymity if you so desire/request.

OK… Now relax and enjoy the 10 most recent topics in the Parliament.

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