What is Lactronics.com?

The name LACTRONICS became a reality out of my love for practical electronic circuitry while in the University.
After series of designing, building, implementing and testing of some of our projects with my room mate Kingsley (aka Zorro), we decided to merge the acronyms of my names (LAC) with Electronics, and thus the name Lactronics was born.

Now don’t think I am going to start talking about how to design electronic circuit diagrams, but I am going to tell you about life, love, entrepreneurship, skills building, “day dreaming”, self actualisation and channelling your strengths to positive things.

Lactronics.com is a site devoted to scouring the whole length and breadth of the World Wide Web for interesting and helpful articles, rants, raves, links, topical issues, reviews, and generally, whatever else I feel is conducive, important and informative to write about at any given time.

This site will be skewed more towards entrepreneurship, web contents creation / development, social media, creativity, happiness/boredom at work, creative learning, technology, intellectual property development, business development, professional development and any random fun as how the “spirit” in my brain works some days.

Who is Lactronics.com for?

Lactronics.com is for anyone, everyone – bloggers, freelancers, lovers of the internet, thinkers, writers, including entrepreneurs – who can’t help but use their imaginative minds to create and produce.

If you want to make living by doing something you are proud of, everything here is carefully written for you, and I truly hope you would enjoy it.

How helpful will this site be?

We know that you want to read interesting things that will add value to your live, that’s why we seek to bring you high quality contents on many different topics all in one place. And what’s more, we let you share your great thoughts with the World.

Lactronics.com aims at helping people create successful writers, thinkers, professionals, entrepreneurs etc, out of themselves with online publications, marketing etc, through blogs and websites.

We believe that for the world to be a better place, sharing of ideas is very imperative. Life is a wonderful opportunity, and we can all become much more than we imagine and achieve so much than we think, our only limitation is our mind.

You can always feel free to drop by, read, post and enjoy any article of your choice, and don’t forget to drop any criticisms you think would be important to me and others.

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