It is finally here. Bitter Kola has been confirmed as a cure or prevention for the spread of Ebola Virus Disease.

Yes you heard me right. Over the past few days, there has been lots of rumours making rounds on the discovery of the cure or preventative measures of the ravishing Ebola Virus Disease, so we thought it wise to let you know that despite the fact that a Research was conducted in 1999 by Professor Maurice Iwu on the viability of the prevention of the Ebola Virus Disease by the use of the popular Bitter Kola, history has it that this Research was inconclusive.

Therefore it is very important to let the entire public know that as at today, the Cure for the Ebola Virus Disease has not been discovered but there has been a tremendous discovery of what could be done to prevent the spread of this deadly Ebola Virus.

Ebola Virus Disease Cure

The major preventive measure to be taken to ensure total eradication of the menace of the Ebola Virus is Education.

If we follow the information as provided by the various Public Health Agencies in Nigeria, West Africa, Africa and the World at large, we would be able to prevent or totally stop the spread of this deadly Ebola Virus Disease.

Some of these Informative measures are

  • Always keep your environment Clean.
  • Always cook ALL meat [bush meat inclusive] very well.
  • Do not touch any person or animal with the Ebola Virus.
  • Do not touch or near any person or Animal that is dead as a result of the Ebola Virus.

Signs and symptoms of Ebola Virus Disease Sickness

Symptoms of Ebola Virus Disease fever include abrupt fever, joint and muscle aches, headache, sore throat, and general body weakness.

Ebola Virus Disease has an incubation period of two to 21 days. The progression of Ebola Virus Disease symptoms include vomiting, diarrhoea, hiccups, stomach pain, and rash. There is also the danger of more devastating symptoms of internal bleeding or/and external bleeding in many patients.

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Do not be deceived, Bitter Kola is no cure or remedy for the deadly Ebola Virus Disease. Information and Education has been discovered as the best Cure for the Ebola Virus Disease.

Bitter Kola is not known to Cure or prevent Ebola Virus Disease.

Please be wise!

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  1. This has a hidden Message wrapped inside it. The Only way people can learn is if you present the story in the way they'll always remember it.

  2. Education is the ONLY Key to eradicating the Ebola Virus, Information on Symptoms and Transmission Channels have been provided on The Ebola Virus and Nigeria Public Health System.

    Though the rumour mill has been on about the Ebola Virus and the unsubstantiated claims of cure, citing an over 14 years Research article on the possible cure of Ebola Virus by the use of Bitter Kola, but now from the World that takes things serious, the United States of America has come out with an experimental cure with its Ebola Virus secret serum.

    Get Education, Get Information!!

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