Bank Phishing Emails
Bank Phishing Emails

This morning as I opened my emails to see what the day holds for me, my attention was drawn to one of the emails that “quietly” tried to pass through my Inbox filters but landed into the basket meant for such unscrupulous emails or senders. By this in a simple layman’s understanding, the Spam Folder.

Now down to some serious things (lol). I looked at the email and the contents baffled me. You can see for yourself:

Dear Guaranty Trust Bank Customer,
We regret to inform you that access to your GTBank Online Account and Atm Card has been temporarily limited. This has been done due to several failed log-in attempts. To restore your account please log in correctly by downloading and Filling the Customer Security Update form attached to this message.After downloading follow the directions for instant activation of your account and Security information.

What baffled me was not that the senders actually wish that I will be stupid enough to open and download the form, but that in their minds, they think that everyone will fall for their trick.

This is a definite case of  email phishing or phishing email. An analysis of the email structure, contents and some tips below will help you stay clear from phishing emails.

Useful Tips to help you stay clear of Phishing emails: >>>> Analysing a Phishing Email

Note of Caution

A little note of caution to anyone who has ever received such emails or who will in the future, receive such emails.
If in doubt of any contents of an kind of communication from your Bank or Financial institution, please contact the Bank directly. If you cant get their contacts, please look at the back of your ATM card, Credit Card for a Bank or Card contact Number.

Do not in any way either by a return email or clicking a link, fill any form that involves disclosing your Bank security details to anyone. You Bank can never contact you in such manner and will never ask you about any “sensitive” information about your Bank account on the phone. Be wise and be Warned.
You can visit the following Links to know more about Phishing Emails or Computer Phishing as a whole.
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  1. LifeGemz says:

    Its very funny how these people think that the “not so much /properly” worded email will push many to responding in this day and age.
    But as I talk now, there are plenty of people who still fall victim of such crimes.

    I would have thought that many people would by now make “Google” their new best friend. Once you see something you are not sure, “google” it, and I assure you that someone somewhere must have see or heard about it.


  2. Yeah man i get these types of emails all the time. I simply delete them straight away. Anyone who’s stupid enough to open such messages deserve all they get.
    Just my two cents…lol

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