Just passing through the streets, my eyes cut up with this shinning beauty standing by the centre of the mall. So elegant was the posture that I almost ran into another set of couple walking the opposite direction.

I stopped on my track to take a second look, to really check if my eyes were either deceiving me or really my eye glasses has lost its powers. To further check if I should head straight to SpecsSavers, I quietly and gently crossed the road to the other side, where this beauty was standing, peeping through the windows, standing still like a posture full of Artistry display.

I really couldn’t remove my eyes as I walked pass a couple who were exchanging some saliva in a mouth-to-mouth restorative way. They were immersed in their kissing moments that I almost stepped on them. My mind was all over the place; all attention was on that beauty that I had set my eyes on earlier.

As I walked close to the beauty, my heart started racing up. See I have been in many relationship(s), I have seen beauty, I have seen greatness, I have seen lots of great lovely beauties in my life and my job has taken me into many places, sat with and interacted with many great beauties, but none was as beautiful as this great beauty that I have seen.

 As I approach this beauty, someone out of the blues just came out. “Oh! This is not happening” I said to myself. He just saw the anxiety in my face and just said “I have been watching you from a distance, may I tell you more about something?” I was about to utter a word of disapproval, when he motioned me to a seat nearby and started giving me a lecture about the same beauty my mind was directed and attracted to.

Boy my head is full already, I can’t take my mind off this beauty, and this guy is here talking about my beauty as if he knows more than me. It’s time to make my move now, I thought. I quietly tried to assimilate all that he had told me and coupled with what I have seen.

Ok, let me tell you the qualities I saw that have made my head go “gaga”. When it comes to beauty, this beauty has made a Bold statement in my head, more curves than and ordinary Curve, so sleek, full of touch and even better than a touch+, she has a torch of beauty, she has more gadget than and ordinary everyday babe that you see in every hand.

She can be laid on any table and still retain the beauty. You can take her and be proud to use her or handle her anywhere. Place her on the table; play with her in the bus, even in an open place without shame. You are free to touch her and climb to the cloud with her anywhere and under any condition.


 The beauty of Blackberry 10  The beauty of Blackberry 10  The beauty of Blackberry 10


Now that I have your attention, I just realised it’s my Birthday and If I am asked that same question as every year, I would say I want her, I want her so badly that I am ready to take the risk and have her in my hand and arms this moment. And for my Birthday present, I want to sleep with her tonight if I have the chance. I am talking about the Blackberry 10.

My Birthday!, All I Want Is A Bold, Curve With A Smooth Touch Of Beauty Better Than Blackberry 10

Happy Birthday to me, ALL I want for my Birthday is a Blackberry 10. Got it!!!

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  1. Oluchi Udensi says:

    happy birthday dear wish you the very best.

  2. Guys, its my Birthday and I ask for 10000+ Like and comments so that I can get my Birthday Gift unwrapped.
    Now get my Birthday Presents ready! Help me reach 10000+ Likes and Comments here.

    1. HBd oga shinne!
      Go getin

    2. Petra Andy Chikwe says:

      Happy birthday..x

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