My Oga at the topVelocity!, Velocity!! Oh! Velocity!!! Where is Our collective resolve for Psychological Escape Velocity?

We have a lot of academics in our Universities, who teach us a lot of theories and theorems.
We are quite excellent with our theories, and we can calculate all sorts of equations.…


Nothing would hold you back more than your Belief System. If you believe that a barrier is placed on you, then you can not think above this barrier.

Its time to change and possibly upgrade your Belief System, so that you will be able to raise the barrier above your self-inflicted beliefs!…


It is a rare opportunity to be blessed with the ‘Madness of Ideas’!
You know you have contacted this weird and rare Madness of Ideas when your mind is constantly at work, trying to conceive ideas, even from the slightest/strangest things or words that come your way.…


Dear Mothers, if you are waiting for the Government to give you incentives before you breastfeed your new born babies, then I guess there is no more need for your breasts.

In the United Kingdom, a BBC News article asked:

“Mothers: would £200 in shopping vouchers make you more likely to breastfeed?