#Monster, the Best Enegy DrinkEveryday we see some trending Twitter words that either challenge us or make us go into the Twitter Hash tag war.

Today we have one of such Hash tag trends #Monster. from stories of: You are a #Monster if @ the age of 35 years #Wizkid and #Davido are your role model(s).…

War Veteran's Remembrance Day

The Unknown Soldier

Today both the US and Canada hold  special ceremonies in honour of their War Veterans, men and women including their families,  who had made the “ultimate” sacrifice in defence of their countries.

The ceremonies are somber and for some of us who “look in from the outside” , I am in awe of their commitment to freedom, their pursuit of justice and their loyalty to their Countries and fellow Country men/women.…
USA Election Swing States

USA Election Swing States

Still on American Presidential election: What is the meaning of swing state?

Swing states are those states where neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have any historical advantages hence voters can vote either way in an election. Florida and Ohio are two examples of swing states also known as “battleground states”.…