Facebook friends, who are they?
Facebook friends, who are they?

 I just got this off a friend’s Facebook wall and I couldn’t but laugh till I almost got choked.

Friendship on Facebook can be good, great and very great0. In real life,  once you categorise someone as “My Friends“, it is expected that you know much about them, but with the Social networking now the orther of the day, friends come and friends go.

Her boyfriend was all the talks she knows about. The only current affairs in her linguistic dictionary was how powerfully connected her boyfriend is, and how very BIG his house is. 
She holds him to a very high esteem, talks about him at every possible space she gets.
Airplanes - the fastest means of travel
The fastest means of travel

Sometimes in life, many things happen for us to either learn from it or, just to prove a point. But other things happen and you wonder what really the point or reason for such phenomenal occurrences are for.

Imagine if this was the situation you found yourself.

I believe the mind is a field that is not so much tapped, and if truly developed can bring in many wonderful fruits.

There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will. 

Backpacking, Get the groove on!
Backpacking, Get the groove on!

Its that time of the year when everyone wants to go Backpacking, allowable places on your mind. Austrialia in many people’s mind.

Both old, young and young at heart, wish to evaluate their time, get packing and off they go. The School year has ended, the time for adventure is now.

Train on Track
Train on Track

This morning on my sojourn to the next world called work, I looked at my time and it was some mins to my train arrival

Rushing in great anticipation of the begining of what I have come to agree to be a normal day, I luckily made it to the train station as the next train was about pulling into the platform.