How far can you go for Love?
How far can you go for Love?

One early morning as she was doing her usual commute to her work place, she beheld a sparkling smile, which caught her very “un-impressible” attention.

After “falling out of Love” from her last relationship, Nicole has been finding it hard to “like another man” , no to talk about falling in Love.

These problems of eliminating skills and hiring Keyworded Skills are posing a grave danger to people with composite skills and experiences that seek employment.

Imagine a Researcher who works with one of the Companies employing these Human Resources Automated Software Hiring process decided to test if the complains he has been getting were true. 

For every story about an employer who can’t find qualified applicants, there’s a counterbalancing tale about an employer with ridiculous hiring requirements” these are the Words of Professor Cappelli, of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Mr Cappelli, a professor of Management and Human Resources opines that Computer Software has almost replaced Real Human Recruiters in most Companies, adding that “applicants rarely talk to anyone, even by email, during the hiring process.”

Automated Hiring process is helping Companies save lots of money, but making it possible for “CV Floating” – a process by which applicants are “keywording” their Cvs and cover letters to enable them secure a passage through these automated HR Software Hiring processes.

A Strange Stranger’s Kiss

Imagine you were gisting with your very close friend about a very tall, handsome and good looking man you have fallen head over heels in love with.
You were so praising about his qualities and “quantities”. You get so carried away with your praises and start to disclose of some real intimate moments with him.

Ice Cream – Summer is here!!!

Ice Cream, Ice Cream…. All through the Winter you dread of the day the first sunlight will appear. You heat up the room so much so that you can be able to feel hot and find an excuse for the much awaited Ice cream.